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The number of failed CE courses

When the graduated pupils in a schools have on average a grade of below 6.0 for three CE courses, the school has not obtained a passing grade.

For VMBOb and VMBOk Dutch and Mathematics are so-called core courses. The school, to obtain a passing grade, can only have one failed course out of these two courses. Two failed core courses lead to a failed grade for the school, even though the total number of failed courses may not be larger than two. For VMBOgt, HAVO and VWO Dutch, English and Mathematics are core courses. Also for these schools, the school can only have one failed course out of the three to obtain a passing grade.
To determine the final grade for the school, which is for the biggest part based on the number of failed CE courses, the school can obtain positive or negative bonus points based on two aspects: The added value of the school and the number of courses with a too large SE-CE difference. See Indicators or Explanation for more information. The SPSS syntax used to calculate the different figures can be obtained from the authors of this site.