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The number of schools rated this year was 2,737, among which 484 VMBOb schools, 491 VMBOk schools, 782 VMBOgt schools, 480 HAVO schools, and 500 VWO schools. In total, 19.4% of the schools received a verdict below 6. The proportion of schools with an insufficient verdict was highest for VMBOgt (29.1%), and lowest for VMBOb (6.0%). At the same time, a very positive verdict (either 8 or 9) was least common for HAVO (8.9%), and most common for VMBOb (32.3%).
You can download the 2007 results (examination year 2006) in full as an excel file below. Here, the 2,737 schools are ordered according to zip code. For each school, we provide the score for all participants (X0), the score for graduates only (X1), the expected score compared with entrance level (X2), the average rate of repetition (X3), and a final verdict (X4).

The excel file also gives the number of CE subjects for which X1 is lower than 6.0, and the number of core CE subjects among them. If you are interested in knowing which of the CE subjects actually yield an average score below 6.0, you can look up that too. Furthermore, the file contains the graduation rate, all the components of the entrance level indicator, and the two components of the repetition rate.
SPSS Syntax
All schools according to the level of education and the final verdict X4 (in percentages).