Central exam subjects
VMBOb: Prevocational secondary education, basic vocational programme
VMBOk: Prevocational secondary education, middle-management vocational programme
VMBOgt: Prevocational secondary education, combined/theoretical programme
Higher general secondary education
VWO: Pre-academic education (also covering Gymnasium with added Latin and Greek)

1. Carpentry, fine woodworking, bricklaying, painting / finishing techniques, broad construction, electronics, graphics, installation, metallurgy, electrical installation, broad engineering, ICT route.
2. Beauty and care, care and welfare, sports, service and security.
3. Administration, marketing and sales.
4. Crop, green space, flower arranging, livestock, agricultural products processing, broad agriculture.
5. Music, drawing, handicrafts, dance, drama, visual art, textile design, general art.
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